Book Review! CATCH ME by: Julia Crosswood


Recently I was given the opportunity to review a romantic suspense (something I adore) which is set for release on November 11.

CATCH ME by Julia Crosswood is the story of Lauren Miller and her twin Kate who, unwittingly, become the target of a villainous criminal bent on revenge against someone who is closer to the girls than they realize.

What was meant to be a harmless frat party descends into chaos as the girls are caught in a hitman’s crossfires. Boys they once viewed as a good friend and an intriguing mystery man are revealed as their hired protectors.

Headstrong and determined, Lauren makes this a nearly impossible task for Mason and Liam, trying to find freedom from the gilded cage imprisonment designed to keep her safe and then later in a desperate attempt to bring down the dark force lurking in the background. The one who has one goal in mind, erasing Lauren and Kate from the planet to bring about their promised revenge.

There are a million roller coaster highs and lows in CATCH ME that keep you flipping the pages and salivating for more. Especially when the tense, but undeniable, attraction that Liam and Lauren fight culminates into the girl who once thought she was an ice princess melting in her bodyguard’s arms… and bed.

I’m personally shipping Mason and… someone together super hard and can’t wait for the next installment of SPISe series. Sorry, can’t give out spoilers this early! You need to run out and read for yourself!

You can preorder CATCH ME today!

And add to your TBR.