Book Review! AZIMUTH Book One of The Rahki Chronicles by: Rennie St. James

This has been a super hard review for me to write, but in the very best possible way.

Let me preface by saying that I am basically a romance addict. I rarely stray from my favored genre of reading and writing. However, I am so glad I did in the case of Azimuth, Book One of the Rahki Chronicles. Ms. St. James did a fabulous job of weaving an ancient world, culture, and – most importantly a prophecy – into our contemporary one.

That said, I will repeat, I am a diehard romance lover so I spent basically the entire read shipping Mia with Cayden and Nicu with Syeira. And I would rather love to keep the lovable, playful super genius Tobar to myself thankyouverymuch.

Azimuth is a roller coaster of survival, battles, and the undying love and devotion of the Rahki to their long foretold gifted child who would change the course of the world. And Mia… our fierce heroine, who once believed she was nothing more than a familyless orphan, has been destined to be the warrior woman to protect and guide Nadya to her rightful place.

Only one small problem, there are bitter enemies charged with stopping them at nearly every turn. To get Nadya to the place the prophets foretold, there are fights, death, and high costs. I will, however, give you a warning that I always appreciate being given, since this is the first in a series, it does end in a cliffhanger. But don’t despair because Ms. St. James is working tirelessly to get the next book out.

Why was this review so hard to write? Well, frankly, because you don’t need to read my review at all and if given too much time and space, I will wind up gushing and spill lots of details you need to discover all on your own. Mark your calendars for September 25th when the Azimuth, the first installment of The Rahki Chronicles is available for order!