Pre Order! HER MAJESTY & THE VIRGIN by: N.J. Adel

“God forbid I ask Your Majesty to apologize. All I ask for is…the kindness and care Your Majesty has always showed me.” I wish for a lot more, though. A kiss. A word of affection. Permission to give her my heart as I’ve given her my body and soul. But she’s made it clear love is another crime in her book.
“You do what you’ve done to me today to all the other men who…pleasure you?”
“Only the ones who enjoy it as much as I do.”
“Which part do you enjoy the most? Playing with all the men or torturing them?”
I tremble. “You’re a sadist.”
She dings me with a look that says she’s done playing games. “I am.”

Her Majesty
Theodore is a virgin. My virgin. Everything he is, everything he learns will be for me.
I’ve never before fantasized about teaching a man how to touch me for my own gratification. I do now. It’s seductive. A promise of far, far more than a quick, anonymous coupling.


Having each one of the three for the first time has been a joyful experience. Having them together is even better.
For me. For the boys.
Definitely not for Theo.
He doesn’t complain, but I can see it in his eyes.
When he’s thrusting his cock between my tits while one of the boys is taking me from behind. When I’m probing a boy’s virgin rosebud with one gentle finger, and kissing the lips of another. When Theo doesn’t know whether I’m moaning for him. Whether I’m coming for him.
“This is not how I imagined cooking for you would be like.” He sets the table with dishes and silverware.
I laugh.
“And you’re enjoying this because it’s humiliating?”
“Not just that. I enjoy it because you’re very sexy naked, and even though I’ve had you four times this morning, I’m famished for you.”

“What I do with my time is completely up to me to decide, Sir Quinlan.”
“Please don’t call me that.”
“I’ll call you whatever I wish to call you.” She steps in front of me and marches. A gesture that means she doesn’t want me to walk by her side or talk anymore.
I stifle all my anger, resentment and jealousy and follow her.
Anywhere. To hell and beyond. It’s what I do.
I follow her.

Her eyes tear me to shreds.
Take her revenge.
You have broken me, Elysia.
For good.
Why am I still standing? Why haven’t I collapsed yet?
Do I still relish her punishment? Is there any level of pain I can’t take?
There is.