Book Review! SINFUL (Sinful Surrender Quartet Book 1) by: Katherine Hawthorne

Long before our story begins (aka in the prologue) our female main character, Elizabeth, a teenager at this time, shares a brief, but memorable look with one of our male leads, Alex “Sin” Sinclaire. It just so happens to be the night she stumbles upon the brutally murdered bodies of her parents. Within months our second male main character, Xander Phoenix, enters and saves Elizabeth from a house fire meant to kill her.

Fast forward six years and we are introduced to Belle. I’ll admit it took me a few pages to realize that our heroine’s name had been changed. Not a typo on the part of the author, but because she was hiding her identity. Whether this decision was hers or made on her behalf is never really clarified in this portion of her story.

There were so many fabulous surprises along the way making the suspense in this story simply outstanding. Because of that I won’t give too many details because you truly need to ride this out along with Belle, Xander, and Sin.

Speaking of our three leads… WOW. Their chemistry, whether it is Sin/Belle or Xander/Belle or Sin/Belle/Xander, is off the flipping charts. Hot doesn’t come close to the sexual tension built between them.

The author did a fabulous job of making me feel connected to all three of the main characters and was handled in such a way I was fully expecting a scorching ménage HEA. Or at least HFN. Sadly… it does not. I bonded with Xander, Sin, and Belle. I was rooting for them. I was left rather angry at the end and scrambled over to NetGalley to review the blurb once again to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and… no. There was no hint to prepare for the ending I was giving. The Amazon listing, thankfully, does give this warning, but as I read through NetGalley, I wasn’t prepared for the ending.

If you are looking for fabulously crafted suspense, high heat sexual chemistry with a little ménage action thrown in, this is DEFINITELY a read I would recommend, however I would emphatically give you the warning I was not: THIS ENDS IN A CLIFFHANGER. Enjoy all the wonderful bits in this story (because they are numerous), but don’t look for a warm, fuzzy ending.

Happy reading!