Book Review! A POSITION IN PARIS by: Megan Reddaway


A Position in Paris is a heartwarming, moving tale of self-discovery, acceptance, and mildly taboo love in an era and locale where gay couples were barely legal and not fully accepted.


James is my favorite kind of man. Broken. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. He believes the loss of his eye and leg caused by enemy bullets in World War I have left him ugly and unworthy of a relationship he doesn’t pay for. His unsatisfying existence takes a turn for the excitable when a dear friend suggests beginning a journal and finding a passion in life.


The suggestion leads the vastly wealthy James to choose to write a book to fill his waking hours. This decision not only gives him a newfound purpose, but creates the need for a secretary to translate his notes into something intriguing to read.


Enter Edmund. Nine years James’ junior, but cloaked in mystery and bearer of his own wounds. Although they are invisible, they are no less deep. Shame and secrecy follow him, causing him to fight the growing feelings toward his employer. Edmund is certain the truth would not only herald the cessation of his desperately needed income, but also end the limited, but treasured contact he has with James.


Each man battles through their burgeoning emotions and unruly desires until they reach a fevered pitch and find themselves in each other’s arms, lost in a passionate kiss.


Sadly this lasts for an all too brief period of time and the next morning a troubled outside force rips them apart… perhaps for good.


A Position in Paris is a slow burn, historical, gay romance… so many things I love. The writing is beautiful and the craft envy-worthy. The only thing preventing me from giving this five stars is the SLOW in slow burn. I would have loved a bit more sexual tension earlier on both ends. However, I have no qualms in happily recommending this novel as a rich read that will throw you on a roller coaster of emotions.


And I’d like to wish Ms. Reddaway a super, “Happy Release Day” before signing off! Grab your own copy today!!


Happy reading!