Cover Reveal! HER MAJESTY & THE VIRGIN by: N.J. Adel

Author: N.J. Adel
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Series: Her Royal Harem #2
Tags: reverse harem, fem-domme, royal romance, menage, m/f/m
Release date: October 25, 2018
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Book Description:
Quinn’s build is exactly my taste. Tall. Lean. Big, muscular arms with thick sinews along them. Broad shoulders and chest. Hard abs I’m dying to feel clench against me.
Except that I can’t.
It doesn’t matter if he’s chiseled to perfection and I’ve never wanted a man more than I want him, or that his heart has never belonged to anyone but me, or that he’s crawling toward my feet right now.
I can’t have him.
Because I’m a fucking queen, and he’s an orphan who has chosen to protect me for the rest of his life.
It doesn’t change anything, though. Not about the way he feels about me or the way I…
I need a distraction. It has a name.

From the moment I laid eyes on Theodore, I’ve fantasized about breaking all the rules with him. He is a virgin. My virgin. Everything he is, everything he learns will be for me.

I’ve never before thought about teaching a man how to touch me for my own gratification. I do now. It’s seductive. A promise of far, far more than a quick, anonymous coupling.
What would he feel like when his body strains against mine? Would he even know what to do? How to penetrate me? If he does, would it be deep or shallow? Rough or gentle?
Would he please me?
Would he make me forget?
About the Author:
N. J. Adel is a cross genre author. From dark women’s fiction to sci-fi and fantasy. From sexy short stories to full-length literary books. She loves it all.

She teaches English by day and writes fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo.