#WriteOnFriday ~ Quotable Quotes

True confession time again, my lovelies!

I am a quote whore.


I adore quotes and do my damndest to remember them accurately and attribute them correctly. Call it leftovers from my days as a scrapbooking fiend because quotes play a huge role in the craft of piecing together random strips of paper with stickers and glue dots and brads and—


You get my drift.


So this week held A LOT for me. And the reality is between the constraints of my non writerly life and desperately trying to fill in some reading blanks I’d been sorely missing (because, as we all know, reading isn’t reading when you are a writer… it is research), I haven’t had a ton of ability or availability to write. That said, I am hoping this weekend finds me back on track.


In the meantime I grabbed a few encouraging quotes to share. And, mind you, this is a super selfish share because I needed to hear every word of these as much – probably more if we are being honest – than most of you. Even so, I hope they speak to you as much as they do to me and they add a little pep into your creative universe.


Happy writing!