Book Review! ARMED & INKED by: M.S. Swegan

This review is coming on the heels of me barely reaching “The End” for Lilly and Dylan’s story Armed & Inked by M.S. Swegan.


I’ll admit, the cover drew me in first and foremost. I have a special place in my heart for tatted boys and the likeness of Dylan on the cover was sexy and enticing and begged me to discover more.


And I am SO GLAD it did! The tension between Lilly and Dylan was practically palpable in the beginning of their story. The back and forth, thankfully, didn’t last exceptionally long before it gave way to hot as Hades sex. They both set the digital pages of Armed & Inked on fire with the very first kiss.


Sadly, just as their relationship morphs into the “more than a sexy and delicious hook-up stage” the ground work is laid for what I presumed would be manipulation from a scorned wannabe lover. The conflict. The hurdle for our main characters to overcome.


I couldn’t have been more wrong. Oh, they had a war to wage to save their relationship, but it was nothing at all what I expected. By that I mean it was so much better, so much more impactful, and so much more intriguing.


As much as I’d love to gush all over the twists and turns Armed & Inked takes, you need to discover this book for yourself and have a chance to gasp and stare down the barrel of a heart attack just as I did.


The only thing preventing me from leaving a 5 star review are formatting issues. The paragraphs run together in a way that is a bit distracting and kept me from losing myself fully to the story. Hopefully this is an issue that was fixed before going to the publisher for print and digital release.


I am thrilled beyond belief to hear that Shane gets his own book next because that boy seriously needs a chance to shine. And, frankly, I am not at all ready to say good bye to Lilly and Dylan.


Happy writing (and reading)!