Book Review! INFUSION by: Liz Crowe






All are contained within the pages of Infusion by Liz Crowe.

It is the emotional chronicle of Gayle Connolly as she attempts to navigate a world that no longer contains the love of her life. The loss of whom also carried a second, even more devastating, death.

In her attempt to find something that can be called peace, she spends the next two plus years in therapy to heal her mind and emotions as well as intense physical exercise regimens to keep her body occupied. Her long and lonely nights are spent in her childhood home with her successful author mother.

Her decision to find something more purposeful in her life leads her to pursue a job in the same industry that had made millions for she and her husband: craft beer. This decision also landed her square in the sights of Noah Stokes, the mystery man that had been haunting her psyche since their initial meeting a month prior.

The strong, sexy new member of the sales team works with Gayle frequently and has made it his mission to break through some of the walls she has erected thanks to her very well-publicized trauma. But Noah is not without his own personal demons having lived a life prior where his body was adored, but his personhood ignored.

There are numerous ups and downs punctuated with hot and steamy interludes thanks to two very sexually charged people using physical intimacy to deny their burgeoning emotions. Something that can’t be avoided forever, no matter how salacious the hook-up.

Lucky for you Infusion is available STARTING TODAY on Amazon and Totally Bound so run and grab your own copy because I certainly won’t be giving mine up!!



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