#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence

Writing can be a noisy process. There are many times you have multiple characters vying for attention and they will happily scream over one another in order to get it. An annoying cacophony of voices begging for their stories to be told first! <insert pouty foot stomp here> And they are not going to take no for an answer.


But as exhausting as the endless stream of various consciousnesses can be, it is better than the silence, am I right? You know the one I’m talking about. The great, gaping void of… waiting.


The silence of your finger hovering over the send button as you reread your query for the fifth time and make sure you have all the components that particular editor/agent requires.


The silence of, “Now what?” after you finally sent it off.


The silence of the countdown to whatever the timeline is you are waiting for, be it a month or six weeks or eight or more.


The silence of rejection.


I’ve been living in that space a lot lately. My characters are being frustratingly quiet, with only intermittent whispers, and I have a lot of “leads” out in queryland that are super close to their witching hours. My world is a mixture of soundlessness and the click of the refresh button.


So my charge is to find the beauty in it. It is my challenge to you and to myself. A few of my discoveries so far:


  1. Reading. Of course this is a natural go-to for writers. Not only does reading soothe the tempest beast within, it gives you inspiration for your own work, and helps you find comparable novels for future queries if needed. Knowing your market is exceptionally important.
  2. Alternative forms of creativity. Crafting is another fallback of mine. It gets my right brained juices flowing in a non writerly way and gets my mind off the “maybes” hanging out in limbo. Anyone need a deco-mesh wreath?
  3. Musical exploration. Ahhhh turning the silence into noise once again. Music just plain makes me happy plus it can make writing blocks disappear sometimes.


There is a special calm you can find in the unhurried space of quiet. Focusing on that will help save your sanity. And pancreas if you self-medicate with sugar. Not… that… I know anything about that…


No matter where you are on your journey, take a moment to pause and enjoy the steps. One day when you achieve your dream, you will want to remember the bumps that got you there.


Happy Writing (or waiting)!