Book Review ~ WANTING YOU by: Leslie A. Kelly

It has been far too long since I’ve done a book review, so let’s get to it! Back in the saddle with Wanting You by Leslie A. Kelly, an intriguing romantic suspense filled with Hollywood royalty, serial killers, and hot as hell detectives… oh my!

Our female MC Evelyn Fleming aka Evie is a journalist who became a true crime author/makeshift private investigator following the brutal murder of her roommate. She stumbled upon clues that – combined with a bit of intuition and research – tied her friend’s death with other unsolved crimes. In the end a vicious and deranged killer was brought to justice and Evie discovered a career path for herself. Which had a side benefit of making her rather wealthy.

For her latest work she relocates from Virginia to California to investigate some of LA’s most famous unsolved cases, as well as reopening a few already solved ones. This puts her in the line of fire of a serial killer that has escaped capture for 20 years and he becomes a shadowy figure who stalks her and tortures her with psychological taunts.

Enter our bearded hero Detective Rowan Winchester. A man who has a scarred heart and ghosts chasing him at every turn. He manages to save Evie from an attack, paparazzi, and give her a mindblowing kiss, all in the first night.

There are tons of twists and turns as well as super steamy sex to keep you flipping the pages of this novel and I don’t want to spoil any of that for you! so our review ends here and your read starts NOW!