#WriteTip ~ My sources

The writing community is an important one. Essential. I know I speak often of the mental and emotional support that you can find there to help you get through the agonizing labor pains that come from birthing a book, but the worth of friends, CPs, and betas extends much further because they educate as well.

Now let me temper that statement because I can practically feel the hurt oozing through my computer screen from you to me. I can hear the sputtering “but, but, but” coming from you because you’ve encountered a harsh beta reader in the past who rocked the core of your writerly soul. I get that. Been there, done that, have the tear stained pillow case to prove it. Those people suck, let’s just be honest there.

No, no friends, I am talking about writers who love writers. Those who truly want the best for you and your manuscript. They may say some things that are hard to hear, but when they are saying it with the right intent there is a learning process that comes along with their insight. Those are the people in your life to treasure.

Now I have bragged on my author circle numerous times. They are some of the most brilliant people ever. A few of them post some of their nuggets of wisdom on their own blogs and I will shamelessly admit to referencing them frequently. Today’s #writetip is an invitation into their world to glean a little bit of their knowledge to strengthen your own writing.

My favorite resources to whom I’m indebted and completely biased towards:

  • Evie’s Reveries: http://eviedrae.com Every Friday she shares fresh and useful writing tips. One of my favorites is her last and on a VERY important topic, starting in the right place. A super hard thing to identify.
  • T.K. Barber Blog: http://www.tkbarber.com A more recent post on the importance of book reviews really hits home since I am not just a writer, but an avid reader (who admittedly did not do well at reviewing for many years) it is an important lesson.
  • Meka’s Musing’s: http://www.authormekajames.com Meka offers some great insight into her personal writing process as well as inspiration for yours. And every Monday she posts about how music impacts either her stories or shares some from each of us within our Romance Chat circle.
  • K.E. Hubbard’s Blog: https://kehubbard.com Her last post contained an important lesson we all need to take to heart and that is to give yourself permission to scrap a story and move on.
  • C.M. McCoy North of Normal Blog: http://www.cmmccoy.com This is an absolute treasure trove. Every. Single. Time. I am getting ready to send out a submission I reference Ms. McCoy’s blog for formatting tips.


The awesome that exists outside of my circle:

  • Bryn Donovan: http://www.bryndonovan.com/ Okay, I get a little fangirly here. I pull up Ms. Donovan’s site more than I’d like to admit while writing. She covers SO MANY topics and offers SO MANY resources. I can gush about the brilliance of her site for ages, but don’t listen to me, check her out yourself.
  • Angela Ackerman/Writers Helping Writers: https://writershelpingwriters.net/ I mean, come on, the woman wrote the book on how to write emotions… literally! There isn’t a list of writerly aides that would be complete without including Ms. Ackerman. In addition to having brilliant insight that she shares, she is also a genuinely kind-hearted person and I feel privileged to have communicated with her regarding a charity event I helped organize.
  • Raimey Gallant: https://raimeygallant.com/ Ms. Gallant not only offers fabulous tips on honing and refining your craft, but also some of her tried and true tricks for that ever daunting marketing. Yeah, a chill just ran down my spine at that word, too. I get it.


These are honestly JUST A FEW of my favorite sites, feel free to share yours and open up my world a little more!

Happy writing, darlings!