Book Review! A LITTLE BIT LIKE DESIRE by: Brooke Blaine

There is so much I want to say about A Little Bit Like Desire… but also so much I want to hold back because you need to experience it yourself.

A Little Bit Like Desire is a sweet and heartwarming tale of Trent Knox, former front man for a wildly popular rock band TBD who is now on a journey of self-discovery, and Shaw Jennings, tattoo artist, business owner, and master of the one night stand. If you are in the first chapter of this book you will be cackling insanely at my “sweet and heartwarming” description. A Little Bit Like Desire opens… with Shaw showing up at his BFF, Bash’s, house for a steamy hook-up with a stranger. In a completely darkened room. Where no one is allowed to speak. Yeah, it is as hot as it sounds.

I loved nearly every part of this story from their unique and stupidly sexy first encounter to the happy ending (I will scream if there isn’t a happy ending!), but one thing I enjoyed the most was Trent. He grew so much during the length of this novel from being a publicly heterosexual rock star who didn’t trust in his own talent and ability, to a man confident in striking out on his own and owning his bisexuality. All because of Shaw’s faith in him and unwavering support.

Not to be outdone, Shaw had his own path to trod. Instead of running from the above the belt feelings incited by Trent, he learned to embrace them and find beauty in being part of a committed relationship. A notion that had never had appeal for him before.

There are so many details I would love to highlight for you, but if you adore a pleasure read… THIS IS A PLEASURE! I devoured it within a few hours and am proud to call myself the newest member of Ms. Blaine’s fan club.

Happy writing (and reading!), darlings!