#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!

We are close enough to handle a round of True Confessions, right?

Here’s mine: I have writerly ADD.

What is that exactly? It is a condition where too many voices are clamoring for attention and drawing you in multiple directions. OR it can present as one story speaking to you very, very strongly when… all of the sudden… oh hello! New people, new locations, new stories, all pop up in front of you.

It is more common for me to write multiple stories at the same time than it is for me to stick with one and focus all my attention there. That is just a fact in my world.

Let us take this moment for a break in our programming to give a super special shout out to my bestie who puts up with my shit. After gushing my love for a specific WIP and character couple I will then go to her with my proverbial hat in hands and ask her how much she will hate me if I have a new story idea. She doesn’t. Because, thank all that is good in this world, she is exceptionally patient with me. But, yeah. She is the real hero here.

As I was saying… ADD. Now, eventually I do finish up stories! They do not all languish in WIP-ville forever. I have completed eight manuscripts of various lengths (including one that was co-written) since November 2016. So, yeah, I manage to get to “The End” despite this, but it definitely takes longer than it should.

Why do I mention all of this anyway? Good question! You get a gold star.

I say this because I know I am not the only one who deals with a cacophony of voices all screaming for attention at once. Guess what! You aren’t alone! And it’s okay.

Let me say it a little louder for the kids in the back:


Keep making forward progress with your stories, but don’t beat yourself up if you find you are incapable of focusing on one work at a time. The way you produce your words is the right way FOR YOU. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser. Whether you write short stories or lengthy tomes. And whether you focus on one book at a time or juggle three that just so happen to jump genres/sub genres. Give yourself permission to tell the tales you are led to create in the way that works best for you and silence the inner and outer critics that tell you otherwise.