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My first love ruined me.

My second love saved me.

I used to believe in for better or worse.

I used to believe in forsaking all others.

But now my husband is no longer the man I married.

And the man who took away my fairy tale wants to give it back.

The one who broke me has become my lifeline. The one who fixed me has become my toxin.

What happens when ‘till death do us part’ becomes a life sentence?

When you have to choose between shattering your vow and destroying yourself?

When your sin becomes your salvation?

This is the story of a love written in the stars as viewed from rock bottom.

*If cheating is a hard limit, please don’t read this book. But if you believe in the power of unconditional love and forgiveness, soulmates and second chances, I wrote this for you *

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Bree Dahlia is an unconventional romance junkie. Her stories range from lighthearted to sizzling with that satisfying happily-ever-after ending and a touch of the unexpected. She favors themes of friendship, forgiveness, and unconditional love with alpha characters and eccentric tastes.

She holds degrees that look pretty in a frame and has sampled a long string of jobs that have left a lot to be desired. Only as an author has she found her passion. When not crafting stories in her small Wisconsin town, she hikes unbeaten trails, watches hockey games, and wishes she didn’t detest cooking so much.

Dahlia is her middle name. Her last name is more suitable for a horror writer.

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