#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement

I know I talk a lot about having encouraging people in your corner, but there are reasons. They are not important, they are vital to your mental and emotional health. Rejections hurt and make you question your ability and gift. A good support system is essential.


But your cheerleaders aren’t just there when you are down. They are there for the day-to-day. They are the ones you will gift with your words as soon as they fly from your fingertips. And they are the ones who will point out where you have grown, the crutches you have shed, and applaud the chances you take.


I’ve been gifted with an amazing support system, but none more so than my person (if you have no idea what I mean when I say that, please refer to the YouTube clip at the bottom) who very specifically points out the areas where I have developed my skill and honed my craft. She is indulgent and encouraging and solely mine so back off, bitches.


If you don’t have that in your writerly life and are too anxious/scared/introverted to find it (and, as we’ve discussed, mine is not up for grabs), then take my next words to heart. They are from me to you and will, I hope, help reignite your flame if it is flickering.


You are special. Your words, your characters, your ideas… they are all special. You aren’t where you used to be. Don’t believe me? Pull out a first draft from last year or a long ago abandoned work in progress. I’ll wait. I take the shrieking and cursing to mean you get what I’m laying down. Yes, it is embarrassing and scary to know that you once queried that, sent it off to folks to beta, and proudly displayed it to family and friends. But it’s okay because you see that and that means you have grown. You’ve learned. Your day will come. Is it tomorrow? Maybe! But maybe not. There is a beauty in the journey I hope you can find. It is one of gathering a tribe, gaining knowledge, and toughening your shell while softening your heart. And occasionally glancing behind you because, while you haven’t yet reached your destination, you aren’t where you once were and that distance far exceeds the path to success still laid out before you.


Read these words any time you are struggling or just when it’s a Tuesday blah day and you need a pick-me-up. Keep writing, friend. Your success is so very close, just keep writing.

(For my person)