FASTER by: Deana Birch

“I think probably with any performer, but maybe with rock music especially, the audience wants to see the singer being real, and exploring, and not doing a rehearsed routine, so I’m just constantly looking for new things to try. I’m really curious out there, and my curiosity has led me into all kinds of bizarre situations.”Rivers Cuomo
Bizarre like an office lunch room with a sexy brunette? Possibly the most normal thing that ever happened to Jake… which inherently makes it bizarre in his world.
This is where we meet the ridiculously hot Jake Riley, drummer for The Spades, an amazing up-and-coming rock band set to take the nation by storm. And also the author of their breakout hit. Meaning he is not only insanely attractive and brilliantly talented, but also rapidly becoming a less than starving artist. My darling Jake ticks all the boxes, ladies.
Enter Louana Higgins. So much more than a pretty face, she not only has brains, but an inside knowledge of the music industry as a producer for a film composer. Plus just enough sass to put cocky Jake in his place. And a cooking acumen that brings him to his knees. Louana is a very dynamic and multi-faceted character that has been raised to people please to a fault. Which makes her very relatable for certain readers who can identify with a mentality that happy is the only acceptable emotion to display and manners trump everything. (Do you see that big, blinking arrow pointing directly at me? Yeah…)
FASTER takes us on the, sometimes bumpy, journey as Jake learns to navigate his very first big boy relationship that actually involves learning the girl’s last name and Louana weighs whether Jake is worth risking her heart again. One celebrity boyfriend already dots her past and has left a sour taste. They face real life challenges of separation as Jake goes on tour, Louana struggles with trust, and they test the waters of integrating two lives while maintaining their independence. Punctuated with ridiculously hot sex.
But a review of FASTER just simply would not be complete without mentioning the two supporting characters who happen to steal the show: landlady Fern and her beloved pit bull Archie. If you walk away from this book not adoring them both, I question your sanity and your capacity for emotion. You clearly were not hugged enough as a child.
FASTER is a hot and spicy read that I devoured quickly and then mourned the end of because you simply can NOT get enough of Jake and Louana in one book. Thank all the things that are good that there is a second part to be released in the near future! There is no such thing as too much Jake. I mean, did I MENTION the ridiculously hot sex???
Make sure FASTER is high on your summer read list. You will NOT be disappointed.
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