Book Review! COPPE Rahki Chronicles Book #2 by: Rennie St. James


This week I am reviewing Coppe, book 2 in the Rahki Chronicles. Coppe ties together most of Mia’s story, but it doesn’t feature the actual Sovmar which I believe will be contained in book 3 which will be released in November.

As in book 1, Nadya and Mia’s bond as well as the devotion of all the Rahki to Nadya is touching and beautiful, Mia’s especially. Even though I am a romance lover and TOTALLY have been shipping Mia and Cayden since the first chapter of book 1, the relationship between Nadya and Mia surpasses any romantic links. There is a scene I won’t go into detail about (because, spoilers) that involves Nadya, Mia, and all the Rahki and it simply warmed every corner of my heart and made me just a tiny bit misty.

Tobar is still my favorite character and my love for him still runs incredibly deep, sorry Aimee.

As with Azimuth, though, I want to keep this review vague because there are SO many amazing details you need to discover for yourself! So run out and grab a copy of the second part of Mia and Nadya’s journey. You will NOT be disappointed.