#WriteTip ~ Connection

One of the hardest critiques (but one of the most necessary ones to hear) is that a reader doesn’t connect to your character. I’ve had this happen a few times and it devastated me. Like a stop writing and question every life choice that has led me to this point level of devastation.   ThisContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Connection”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write

Writing is hard. I know I say that a lot, but it doesn’t make it untrue, it merely confirms the accuracy. Every stage presents its own challenges, some easier to overcome than others, but each one tricky nonetheless. It’s why I try to make every Friday an encouraging (and only slightly pushy) post to keepContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write”

#WriteTip ~ Going old school

I have a secret love.   Which, clearly, will not be so secret once I hit publish here, but I digress.   Although I am grateful to every technological genius that made being an author and all things related to a career as such in the twenty-first century just that much easier, I adore actual,Continue reading “#WriteTip ~ Going old school”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Pay It Forward

I love jewelry. I love jewelry that is sentimental. And I am about as mushy as they come so quite a few things fall into that category. None so much as my bracelets. There are three I wear nearly constantly. One, I do wear all the time. Despite the toll it takes on my beautifulContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Pay It Forward”

Cover Reveal! BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE by: Claire Contreras

Because You’re Mine by Claire Contreras Publication Date: July 12th, 2018 Genre: Contemporary Romance When you grow up in the most feared mafia family, it’s easy to identify the kind of men that are bad news. They’re the ones with experience. The ones with secrets. The ones that exude sex just by saying your name.Continue reading “Cover Reveal! BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE by: Claire Contreras”

#WriteTip ~ Being a Better Beta

This week’s #WriteTip is a brilliant guest post from Deana Birch, author of the newly released FASTER which you can find on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and GoodReads.   As writers, part of our community service to support the amazing authors around us includes reading each other’s unpublished manuscripts. A practice that can beContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Being a Better Beta”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement

I know I talk a lot about having encouraging people in your corner, but there are reasons. They are not important, they are vital to your mental and emotional health. Rejections hurt and make you question your ability and gift. A good support system is essential.   But your cheerleaders aren’t just there when youContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement”

#WriteTip ~ Motivation

There  is one vital word that should be on repeat in your writerly brain whether you plot or pants, whether you are writing the protagonist, antagonist, or villain. A word you need to have the answer to fairly early on unless you are okay with massive and repeated rewrites.   Why?   Why are yourContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Motivation”

#WriteOnFriday The one where I fall apart…

This is where I date myself. Not date myself in the wine and roses and happy ending way (although I’d be a sure thing, so it’s not a bad idea), but a “lemme show you how old I am” kind of way. Who remembers TGIF? Always had THE BEST shows, right? When you were youngerContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday The one where I fall apart…”


A weekly addition to my little home in cyberspace is #WriteOnFriday. My chance to encourage all of the writers slogging along this journey to publication. No matter where you are on that road, you will inevitably hit a low point. We all do. Here’s a little pick-me-up from me to you… and now you canContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday”