#WriteOnFriday ~ More Quotable Quotes

A few of the gems that have brightened my world this week and helped propel me forward through a long and rough bout of writer’s block as well as the general overwhelming sensations of life.



#WriteOnFriday ~ Quotable Quotes

True confession time again, my lovelies!

I am a quote whore.


I adore quotes and do my damndest to remember them accurately and attribute them correctly. Call it leftovers from my days as a scrapbooking fiend because quotes play a huge role in the craft of piecing together random strips of paper with stickers and glue dots and brads and—


You get my drift.


So this week held A LOT for me. And the reality is between the constraints of my non writerly life and desperately trying to fill in some reading blanks I’d been sorely missing (because, as we all know, reading isn’t reading when you are a writer… it is research), I haven’t had a ton of ability or availability to write. That said, I am hoping this weekend finds me back on track.


In the meantime I grabbed a few encouraging quotes to share. And, mind you, this is a super selfish share because I needed to hear every word of these as much – probably more if we are being honest – than most of you. Even so, I hope they speak to you as much as they do to me and they add a little pep into your creative universe.


Happy writing!

#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence

Writing can be a noisy process. There are many times you have multiple characters vying for attention and they will happily scream over one another in order to get it. An annoying cacophony of voices begging for their stories to be told first! <insert pouty foot stomp here> And they are not going to take no for an answer.


But as exhausting as the endless stream of various consciousnesses can be, it is better than the silence, am I right? You know the one I’m talking about. The great, gaping void of… waiting.


The silence of your finger hovering over the send button as you reread your query for the fifth time and make sure you have all the components that particular editor/agent requires.


The silence of, “Now what?” after you finally sent it off.


The silence of the countdown to whatever the timeline is you are waiting for, be it a month or six weeks or eight or more.


The silence of rejection.


I’ve been living in that space a lot lately. My characters are being frustratingly quiet, with only intermittent whispers, and I have a lot of “leads” out in queryland that are super close to their witching hours. My world is a mixture of soundlessness and the click of the refresh button.


So my charge is to find the beauty in it. It is my challenge to you and to myself. A few of my discoveries so far:


  1. Reading. Of course this is a natural go-to for writers. Not only does reading soothe the tempest beast within, it gives you inspiration for your own work, and helps you find comparable novels for future queries if needed. Knowing your market is exceptionally important.
  2. Alternative forms of creativity. Crafting is another fallback of mine. It gets my right brained juices flowing in a non writerly way and gets my mind off the “maybes” hanging out in limbo. Anyone need a deco-mesh wreath?
  3. Musical exploration. Ahhhh turning the silence into noise once again. Music just plain makes me happy plus it can make writing blocks disappear sometimes.


There is a special calm you can find in the unhurried space of quiet. Focusing on that will help save your sanity. And pancreas if you self-medicate with sugar. Not… that… I know anything about that…


No matter where you are on your journey, take a moment to pause and enjoy the steps. One day when you achieve your dream, you will want to remember the bumps that got you there.


Happy Writing (or waiting)!

#WriteOnFriday ~ The Little Things

That title is moderately self-indulgent. I’m 5’1”. I’m a big (pun totally intended) fan of small things.

But there is value in them! Little goals, little victories, little accomplishments. Every one has worth and purpose and should be celebrated.

You know the old riddle/saying/quote (let’s just be real, I have no idea what it should be called and frankly I’m lucky I can remember to recite it correctly… or can I?) that asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, naturally, “One bite at a time.”

Now this had been an inspirational adage for a long, long time, but recently has come under some fire. I, however, remain a believer. Because the road to success, to your goals, to the very dreams that propel you through the hum-drum – and sometimes really crappy – days is paved with the satisfaction that comes from focusing on the small steps you’ve taken toward the ultimate prize.

  • You reached or EXCEEDED your word count goal for the day? That’s a step!
  • You finished your first draft? That counts as a step… maybe two!
  • You completed your first round of edits? Guess what! Another step!
  • You shipped your book baby off to beta readers and didn’t wind up with alcohol poisoning from self-medicating vodka intake? Totally a step!
  • You wrote a query and/or synopsis? Step and step!
  • You sent your polished manuscript off to an agent/publisher? Maybe more than one? Steppity, step, step, step, my friend!

All of those should be seen as victories… because they are! They require you to battle through self-doubt, negative inner voices, and fear to take each one. Receiving critiques and honestly applying them if and where they are needed takes bravery too. As well as a painful level of honesty with yourself and your work. It takes so much to overcome every growing pain that comprises this process. It takes fortitude and dedication and allegiance to your passion.

And if you have all of that, whether they wax and wane or whether they are a roaring fire that consumed your very being, then you are going to take each of those small, baby steps and turn them into the realization of your goal.

So reward each step, no matter how small it feels, because it is one more step to distance your from your beginning and help you reach your own happily ever after.


Happy writing, darlings!

#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!

We are close enough to handle a round of True Confessions, right?

Here’s mine: I have writerly ADD.

What is that exactly? It is a condition where too many voices are clamoring for attention and drawing you in multiple directions. OR it can present as one story speaking to you very, very strongly when… all of the sudden… oh hello! New people, new locations, new stories, all pop up in front of you.

It is more common for me to write multiple stories at the same time than it is for me to stick with one and focus all my attention there. That is just a fact in my world.

Let us take this moment for a break in our programming to give a super special shout out to my bestie who puts up with my shit. After gushing my love for a specific WIP and character couple I will then go to her with my proverbial hat in hands and ask her how much she will hate me if I have a new story idea. She doesn’t. Because, thank all that is good in this world, she is exceptionally patient with me. But, yeah. She is the real hero here.

As I was saying… ADD. Now, eventually I do finish up stories! They do not all languish in WIP-ville forever. I have completed eight manuscripts of various lengths (including one that was co-written) since November 2016. So, yeah, I manage to get to “The End” despite this, but it definitely takes longer than it should.

Why do I mention all of this anyway? Good question! You get a gold star.

I say this because I know I am not the only one who deals with a cacophony of voices all screaming for attention at once. Guess what! You aren’t alone! And it’s okay.

Let me say it a little louder for the kids in the back:


Keep making forward progress with your stories, but don’t beat yourself up if you find you are incapable of focusing on one work at a time. The way you produce your words is the right way FOR YOU. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser. Whether you write short stories or lengthy tomes. And whether you focus on one book at a time or juggle three that just so happen to jump genres/sub genres. Give yourself permission to tell the tales you are led to create in the way that works best for you and silence the inner and outer critics that tell you otherwise.

#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write

Writing is hard.

I know I say that a lot, but it doesn’t make it untrue, it merely confirms the accuracy. Every stage presents its own challenges, some easier to overcome than others, but each one tricky nonetheless. It’s why I try to make every Friday an encouraging (and only slightly pushy) post to keep the faith, stay on track, and every one of those saccharine cliches you find on canvas prints in gift shops. Because you have to keep writing. You want to keep writing. The world needs your words.

But today is different. I’m going the opposite direction, people. Hang on, this may be a bumpy ride.

Don’t write.

No, you did not step through a portal to an alternate universe (I’m not creative enough to write sci-fi/fantasy so that will never be an issue). I just told you not to write.

But… this is supposed to be inspirational! Meaningful! Validating!

Yes, yes, and yes.

However, my dear friends, sometimes the inspiration, meaning, and validation look different. And today it looks like this: Don’t write.

Give yourself permission to pleasure read. To find alternative outlets for creativity like cooking (yes, this takes creativity sometimes, shut up), floral arrangements, paper piecing, scrapbooking, puzzle building… you get my drift.

Am I saying to stop writing forever and give up your dreams and pursuits of an authorly career? No! Of course not! You have a gift that you need to share. Your day will come and all of this will be wildly worth the struggle.

But breaks are okay, essential even. Don’t let them last long and definitely don’t entertain the idea of them being permanent, but allow yourself to take them. Practice self-care always, but sometimes allow that to become the focus. Once you are rested and rejuvenated it will show in your stories. Your characters (yeah, those blankety blank people who scream at you) will eventually forgive you and understand why you needed the break.

And trust me, I get that the health, well-being, and happiness of your characters is an actual concern. I really, really do get that, but remember… they are reliant on the health, well-being, and happiness of their creator.

So, darlings, breathe. Find some interesting titles within your genre and read for pleasure… and also to find comparable works. Take a walk and drown in nature. Go to the mall and drink a sugary confection they claim is coffee and people watch. But whatever you do, allow your stories to rest, your characters to quiet, and focus on you.

Don’t write, but don’t give up.

#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement

I know I talk a lot about having encouraging people in your corner, but there are reasons. They are not important, they are vital to your mental and emotional health. Rejections hurt and make you question your ability and gift. A good support system is essential.


But your cheerleaders aren’t just there when you are down. They are there for the day-to-day. They are the ones you will gift with your words as soon as they fly from your fingertips. And they are the ones who will point out where you have grown, the crutches you have shed, and applaud the chances you take.


I’ve been gifted with an amazing support system, but none more so than my person (if you have no idea what I mean when I say that, please refer to the YouTube clip at the bottom) who very specifically points out the areas where I have developed my skill and honed my craft. She is indulgent and encouraging and solely mine so back off, bitches.


If you don’t have that in your writerly life and are too anxious/scared/introverted to find it (and, as we’ve discussed, mine is not up for grabs), then take my next words to heart. They are from me to you and will, I hope, help reignite your flame if it is flickering.


You are special. Your words, your characters, your ideas… they are all special. You aren’t where you used to be. Don’t believe me? Pull out a first draft from last year or a long ago abandoned work in progress. I’ll wait. I take the shrieking and cursing to mean you get what I’m laying down. Yes, it is embarrassing and scary to know that you once queried that, sent it off to folks to beta, and proudly displayed it to family and friends. But it’s okay because you see that and that means you have grown. You’ve learned. Your day will come. Is it tomorrow? Maybe! But maybe not. There is a beauty in the journey I hope you can find. It is one of gathering a tribe, gaining knowledge, and toughening your shell while softening your heart. And occasionally glancing behind you because, while you haven’t yet reached your destination, you aren’t where you once were and that distance far exceeds the path to success still laid out before you.


Read these words any time you are struggling or just when it’s a Tuesday blah day and you need a pick-me-up. Keep writing, friend. Your success is so very close, just keep writing.

(For my person)

#WriteOnFriday The one where I fall apart…

This is where I date myself. Not date myself in the wine and roses and happy ending way (although I’d be a sure thing, so it’s not a bad idea), but a “lemme show you how old I am” kind of way.

Who remembers TGIF? Always had THE BEST shows, right? When you were younger you lived for TGIF. The Tanner family, the Winslow family, the Matthews family… they were all extensions of my own. I loved them dearly.

Why am I thinking of TGIF? Because this #WriteOnFriday I am exceptionally grateful it’s Friday. My mantra can easily be summed up by the four letters that defined happiness in my childhood: Thank Goodness It’s Friday. (Before I get shouty comments… I know the actual TGIF stood for Thank Goodness It’s Funny. This is called indulgence. Leave me alone.)

It. Has. Been. A. Week.

And the worst part? My brain has been eerily quiet. Even during the phases of my life where I wasn’t actively writing daily, I always had those voices in my head. Weaving stories that lulled me to sleep. Whispering the tales of their lives anytime I encountered silence, and even often when I didn’t. But this week has rendered my imaginary friends mute.

I had a rough rejection. It came at a hard time for me and it was a submission I’d pinned my heart and soul to. I know, I know. That’s a mistake I’d warn anyone else against, but you just can’t help it sometimes. We’ve all done it.

How did I handle it? Honestly in the worst way possible. Something I’d never recommend. I locked myself away. I cried. I sobbed the kind of sobs that are from your soul and so deep that you don’t even have tears. Yes, I know writers have a flair for the dramatic, but not one word of that was embellished. In the interest of full disclosure there were a couple of other things that fed into it as well, but… yeah. I’m still reeling a bit and my normally sensitive heart is bruised and sore.

Why am I telling you guys all this? Because I want a pity party? Because I need sympathy or attention? Nah, none of that.

I’m sharing because it’s real. Rejection hurts. Facing it in the solitary lifestyle that’s typical for writers can make it worse. Being turned down professionally is only compounded when it’s a darkness you face alone. But, as the saying goes, you’ll never know how strong you are until it’s your only choice.

So even though my voices are quiet, I’m writing.

Even though each word is a struggle, I’m writing.

Even though it’s the very last thing on the planet I want to do right now, I’m writing.

Because strong is my only choice and writing is my greatest passion.

And if you find yourself with an ugly R staring you in the face, know you aren’t alone. I’m here and I won’t let you go through it solo. Reach out anytime, friend.


A weekly addition to my little home in cyberspace is #WriteOnFriday. My chance to encourage all of the writers slogging along this journey to publication. No matter where you are on that road, you will inevitably hit a low point. We all do. Here’s a little pick-me-up from me to you… and now you can pass it along and encourage some of your friends with positive thoughts as well!

In case you had your head in the writerly Twitter sand, you know yesterday was #PitMad. More than thirty-six THOUSAND people were tweeting about it. Which is overwhelming and daunting and scary and just too much.

With that in mind… you might not have gotten any agent/editor love. You might have had repeated dinging from the alerts only to discover that a fellow writer (well-meaning though they may be) accidentally liked your tweet. And you know what?

It. Sucks.

Let’s be honest, the entire journey can suck. Writing is special and amazing and cathartic and a much more positive outlet for all those emotions than say slashing someone’s tires… um… just for example. It is the act of literally putting your heart onto a sheet of paper and sharing that gentle, fragile vessel with the world.

But it also sucks soooooo bad!

Getting the first draft down sucks because your characters can change every flipping thing on you and drive you insane. And you feel like you deserve a straight jacket and padded cell by the time you type “The End” because arguing with fictional people is NOT normal.

Editing sucks because it makes you feel worthless as a writer and a human. You catch every typo, word echo, and WTFable sentence structure known to man. And at at least one point you will be certain you were writing in your sleep and/or while drunk because coherent, it is not.

Querying sucks because who wants to be rejected? And who wants rejection to come through silence? Exactly no one. (Let us pause in the middle of this rant to say: AGENTS GET REJECTED TOO! When they are shopping manuscripts to publishers, they get shot down as much as writers do, so don’t feel like their life is a bed of roses. It ain’t. And they need to believe so strongly in your work that they fight day after day and face that rejection themselves.)

Self-publishing sucks because… book covers, editors, promotions, marketing, brand building… need I go on? Yeah, every bit of that is hard and expensive and draining. But each step is necessary.

Finally, even traditional publishing sucks. I am certain there are authors right now who are desperate for that contract and cackling maniacally at me saying they wished they had that kind of suckage in their lives. And I GET that because I do too. But then your baby, your heart, that very thing you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into is now out in the world. And the world is a cruel place. You will have someone review your book while PMSing at Christmas with their mother-in-law offering “helpful household tips” as she wanders their house with a white-gloved hand. What I’m saying is: they may not be kind. In fact, they may be hurtful. Let’s go a step farther and say they may be intentionally and maliciously cruel.

There is nothing about this journey that is 100% sunshine and roses and happiness. So you let yourself wallow in the disappointment for the briefest period, jam some chocolate down your throat, and brush off your ass before you get back on that horse.


Because if this is your passion then that is all that matters. Success will find you and you will feel complete.