#WriteOnFriday ~ Quotable Quotes

True confession time again, my lovelies! I am a quote whore. I adore quotes and do my damndest to remember them accurately and attribute them correctly. Call it leftovers from my days as a scrapbooking fiend because quotes play a huge role in the craft of piecing together random strips of paper with stickers andContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Quotable Quotes”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence

Writing can be a noisy process. There are many times you have multiple characters vying for attention and they will happily scream over one another in order to get it. An annoying cacophony of voices begging for their stories to be told first! <insert pouty foot stomp here> And they are not going to takeContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence”

#WriteOnFriday ~ The Little Things

That title is moderately self-indulgent. I’m 5’1”. I’m a big (pun totally intended) fan of small things. But there is value in them! Little goals, little victories, little accomplishments. Every one has worth and purpose and should be celebrated. You know the old riddle/saying/quote (let’s just be real, I have no idea what it shouldContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ The Little Things”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!

We are close enough to handle a round of True Confessions, right? Here’s mine: I have writerly ADD. What is that exactly? It is a condition where too many voices are clamoring for attention and drawing you in multiple directions. OR it can present as one story speaking to you very, very strongly when… allContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write

Writing is hard. I know I say that a lot, but it doesn’t make it untrue, it merely confirms the accuracy. Every stage presents its own challenges, some easier to overcome than others, but each one tricky nonetheless. It’s why I try to make every Friday an encouraging (and only slightly pushy) post to keepContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement

I know I talk a lot about having encouraging people in your corner, but there are reasons. They are not important, they are vital to your mental and emotional health. Rejections hurt and make you question your ability and gift. A good support system is essential.   But your cheerleaders aren’t just there when youContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Encouragement”

#WriteOnFriday The one where I fall apart…

This is where I date myself. Not date myself in the wine and roses and happy ending way (although I’d be a sure thing, so it’s not a bad idea), but a “lemme show you how old I am” kind of way. Who remembers TGIF? Always had THE BEST shows, right? When you were youngerContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday The one where I fall apart…”


A weekly addition to my little home in cyberspace is #WriteOnFriday. My chance to encourage all of the writers slogging along this journey to publication. No matter where you are on that road, you will inevitably hit a low point. We all do. Here’s a little pick-me-up from me to you… and now you canContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday”