#WriteTip ~ Authentic Voices

There are two very specific “voices” in writing. One can be changed, one can’t. Let’s look at them for one moment.   First, there is your author voice. That special je ne sais quoi that means someone can blindly grab a book, read one line, and know you wrote it. It’s more than just yourContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Authentic Voices”

#WriteTip ~ Convenient Pitfalls

We’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another, just as so many other writing faux pas. Convenience is fabulous when you need a late night snack or early morning caffeine fix, but it is best left to 24/7 store types and far from your manuscript. There has to be a certain levelContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Convenient Pitfalls”

#WriteTip ~ Show Me The Feelings!

If you did not read the title of this blog post in Jerry Maguire’s voice, please find a spot on the couch, cuddle with a stuffed animal, and let’s figure out where in life you went so wrong. If you did, in fact, read this in the aforementioned jubilant tone… you may continue. Thinking backContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Show Me The Feelings!”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence

Writing can be a noisy process. There are many times you have multiple characters vying for attention and they will happily scream over one another in order to get it. An annoying cacophony of voices begging for their stories to be told first! <insert pouty foot stomp here> And they are not going to takeContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Silence”

#WriteTip ~ My sources

The writing community is an important one. Essential. I know I speak often of the mental and emotional support that you can find there to help you get through the agonizing labor pains that come from birthing a book, but the worth of friends, CPs, and betas extends much further because they educate as well.Continue reading “#WriteTip ~ My sources”

#WriteTip ~ Antagonist vs Villain

Several times lately I’ve seen various writing friends refer to their baddies (and I am giggling because a certain writing friend has threatened to disown me for saying the word “baddie”) as antagonists and villains as though they were interchangeable. This is, sadly, not always true. Yes, Virginia, there is a difference. First let’s seeContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Antagonist vs Villain”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!

We are close enough to handle a round of True Confessions, right? Here’s mine: I have writerly ADD. What is that exactly? It is a condition where too many voices are clamoring for attention and drawing you in multiple directions. OR it can present as one story speaking to you very, very strongly when… allContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Look! Squirrel!”

#WriteTip ~ Connection

One of the hardest critiques (but one of the most necessary ones to hear) is that a reader doesn’t connect to your character. I’ve had this happen a few times and it devastated me. Like a stop writing and question every life choice that has led me to this point level of devastation.   ThisContinue reading “#WriteTip ~ Connection”

#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write

Writing is hard. I know I say that a lot, but it doesn’t make it untrue, it merely confirms the accuracy. Every stage presents its own challenges, some easier to overcome than others, but each one tricky nonetheless. It’s why I try to make every Friday an encouraging (and only slightly pushy) post to keepContinue reading “#WriteOnFriday ~ Don’t Write”

#WriteTip ~ Going old school

I have a secret love.   Which, clearly, will not be so secret once I hit publish here, but I digress.   Although I am grateful to every technological genius that made being an author and all things related to a career as such in the twenty-first century just that much easier, I adore actual,Continue reading “#WriteTip ~ Going old school”