Night by: Jessica Florence

  Night, the final book in Jessica Florence’s Hero Society Series is coming July 12th!!     Night is here. A time for heroes to fight the darkness. Esme has always been a healer—whether it was a gift or a curse she could never decide. With every use of her power, she moves closer toContinue reading “Night by: Jessica Florence”

Kiss My Ash by: Leddy Harper

  Kiss My Ash, an all new Sexy Taboo standalone Romance by Leddy Harper is releasing August 9th!     Ash Jenkins was the typical boy next door. Wait, who am I kidding? There was nothing typical about that boy. He was tall, ripped, and had the voice of a man twice his age. Intelligent,Continue reading “Kiss My Ash by: Leddy Harper”

Craving Mr. Kinky by: A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm

Craving Mr. Kinky by A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm Publication Date: June 20th, 2018 Series: Mr. Wrong #4 Genre: Contemporary Romance Here’s a tip: When you least expect it, expect it. I’d been known to have my share of beautiful women. Usually, I met them in a bar, through a mutual acquaintance, or even whenContinue reading “Craving Mr. Kinky by: A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm”

Handle With Care by: Nina Croft

“Heat, heart and plenty of happy sighs.” — Avery Flynn, USA Today bestselling author Handle with Care, an all-new romantic standalone from Nina Croft is coming July 30th, and we have the gorgeous new cover! Synopsis What if all you want is the one thing you can’t have? First grade teacher Emily Towson always doesContinue reading “Handle With Care by: Nina Croft”

FASTER by: Deana Birch

“I think probably with any performer, but maybe with rock music especially, the audience wants to see the singer being real, and exploring, and not doing a rehearsed routine, so I’m just constantly looking for new things to try. I’m really curious out there, and my curiosity has led me into all kinds of bizarreContinue reading “FASTER by: Deana Birch”

Loss in A Major  (The Backroads Duet, Book #2) By Mindy Michele

Release Day: July 27, 2018 #Music #Forgiveness #SecondChances The co-writing duo of Mindy Michele brings you the much anticipated conclusion of Ridley and Reagan’s story. A tale of music, forgiveness, and second chances. In each other they found a connection stronger than they could have imagined, but one night of devastation alters everyone they love.Continue reading “Loss in A Major  (The Backroads Duet, Book #2) By Mindy Michele”