Book Review! HER MEN by: Sam Crescent

So excited to review HER MEN by one of my fellow Evernight authors Sam Crescent. First, I have to say I have a HUGE diversity in the kinds of romance I read. I will gobble up nearly any subgenre of romance from a sweet contemporary to a tawdry BDSM menage and everything in between. IContinue reading “Book Review! HER MEN by: Sam Crescent”

Book Review! THE CAPTAIN’S CORNISH CHRISTMAS by: Catherine Curzon and Elizabeth Harkstead

  ‘Tis the season to read a lovely Christmas story.   And that is exactly what you’ll get if you read the charming tale The Captain’s Cornish Christmas written by the writing duo of Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead.   We meet our darling Captain Jago Treherne as he embarks on a lifesaving mission toContinue reading “Book Review! THE CAPTAIN’S CORNISH CHRISTMAS by: Catherine Curzon and Elizabeth Harkstead”

Book Review! MAD FOR YOU IN MADRID by: Stacy Hoff

This review is a break from a stream of ARC’s I’ve had recently. I grabbed something new strictly as a pleasure read… and there was so much pleasure I just had to share with you guys! I picked up Mad For You in Madrid at a friend’s recommendation and was not disappointed. Lori is soContinue reading “Book Review! MAD FOR YOU IN MADRID by: Stacy Hoff”

Book Review! OPENING NIGHTS by: Coralie Moss

As a confessed lover of the theater this book hit so many personal notes for me. Luna is a heroine to root for as the overlooked and underappreciated costume designer who finds herself in the crosshairs of drama diva Fionna. Chase is the silver spooned product of a Boston society family with a bad boyContinue reading “Book Review! OPENING NIGHTS by: Coralie Moss”

Book Review! SLOWER by: Deana Birch

Opening the pages (well, digital pages, that is) of SLOWER was a super exciting moment for me. FASTER made me fall madly in love with Jake (but if we are being honest, who doesn’t?) and desperately wish I had legs, an ass, and a man like Lou. Not to mention the whole awesomely cool jobContinue reading “Book Review! SLOWER by: Deana Birch”

Book Review! MAGIC REMEMBERED by: Coralie Moss

I had the pleasure of hosting the cover reveal, release blitz, AND having Coralie Moss as my very first author interview on this blog. With all that combined there is one SIGNIFICANT part missing… the actual review! MAGIC REMEMBERED is the story of Calliope Jones, an earth witch on the cusp of something every humanContinue reading “Book Review! MAGIC REMEMBERED by: Coralie Moss”

Book Review! THE LISTS by: Meka James

Today’s book review is exceptionally exciting for me (and I basically function as an ADHD Tigger on crack so when I am exceptionally excited… well let’s just say watch out) on several levels. First and foremost, it features my darling Malcolm Frankel in his leading role as my husband… errr… I mean Calida’s husband. Yeah.Continue reading “Book Review! THE LISTS by: Meka James”

Book Review! CATCH ME by: Julia Crosswood

  Recently I was given the opportunity to review a romantic suspense (something I adore) which is set for release on November 11. CATCH ME by Julia Crosswood is the story of Lauren Miller and her twin Kate who, unwittingly, become the target of a villainous criminal bent on revenge against someone who is closerContinue reading “Book Review! CATCH ME by: Julia Crosswood”

Book Review! THE SINISTER GATHERING by: Diane Ezzard

This week’s (sadly late because I suck and medicine is a nightmare to work in) book review is another step outside of my normal romance genre with a mystery by Diane Ezzard, The Sinister Gathering. Now, it has been said before but is worth saying again, I dislike cliffhangers and very much am not aContinue reading “Book Review! THE SINISTER GATHERING by: Diane Ezzard”

Book Review! THE BRIGHTEST STARS by: Anna Todd

I’m a first time reader of Ms. Todd’s and I was super excited to have the opportunity to read “The Brightest Stars.” First of all, I am an absolute cover snob and I’ve seen a run of really bad ones lately (so sad), but this was an exception. Beautiful, classy, and attention grabbing. The designersContinue reading “Book Review! THE BRIGHTEST STARS by: Anna Todd”