Book Review! SINFUL (Sinful Surrender Quartet Book 1) by: Katherine Hawthorne

Long before our story begins (aka in the prologue) our female main character, Elizabeth, a teenager at this time, shares a brief, but memorable look with one of our male leads, Alex “Sin” Sinclaire. It just so happens to be the night she stumbles upon the brutally murdered bodies of her parents. Within months ourContinue reading “Book Review! SINFUL (Sinful Surrender Quartet Book 1) by: Katherine Hawthorne”

Book Review! YOU HAD ME AT COWBOY by: Jennie Marts

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for small towns, cowboys, and main characters with close-knit families. You Had Me At Cowboy by Jennie Marts checked each of those boxes for me in some very delightful ways. Now, I will admit that Tessa Kane, our lead female, doesn’t have a lot in commonContinue reading “Book Review! YOU HAD ME AT COWBOY by: Jennie Marts”

Book Review! ARMED & INKED by: M.S. Swegan

This review is coming on the heels of me barely reaching “The End” for Lilly and Dylan’s story Armed & Inked by M.S. Swegan.   I’ll admit, the cover drew me in first and foremost. I have a special place in my heart for tatted boys and the likeness of Dylan on the cover wasContinue reading “Book Review! ARMED & INKED by: M.S. Swegan”

Pre Sale! INFUSION by: Liz Crowe

My current ARC (advanced reader copy) to devour over the weekend before this tasty little number goes live on Tuesday, August 7th. Go check it out on Amazon and reserve your copy, then head over and check out all of Liz Crowe’s other fabulous reads.   Here is a little excerpt just to tease yourContinue reading “Pre Sale! INFUSION by: Liz Crowe”

FASTER by: Deana Birch

“I think probably with any performer, but maybe with rock music especially, the audience wants to see the singer being real, and exploring, and not doing a rehearsed routine, so I’m just constantly looking for new things to try. I’m really curious out there, and my curiosity has led me into all kinds of bizarreContinue reading “FASTER by: Deana Birch”

Royal Treatment by: Leslie North

Royal Treatment is the second in the Royals of Danovar series, but easily a standalone. It was a super-fast read and I found myself shocked when I finished in less than two hours. It was refreshing to read about a “spare” in line to the throne that didn’t bemoan their status or envy their sibling.Continue reading “Royal Treatment by: Leslie North”