Sneak Peek & Release Day Eve! MEANT TO BE MORE

Tomorrow!! No, I’m not channeling my inner theater nerd and belting out an Annie classic, I am making a giddy, ecstatic, and slightly over-the-top reminder that Dean, the baby of the Carlisle family, gets to share his happily ever after with you TOMORROW!! Here’s a little extra sneak peek of he and Jillian’s hilarious andContinue reading “Sneak Peek & Release Day Eve! MEANT TO BE MORE”

Sneak Peek & Preorder! MEANT TO BE MORE

Happy Hump Day, darlings! Instead of a book review this week, I am coming at you with a sneak peek of my upcoming release and the fourth book in the Meant To Be series, Meant to be More. The book centered on the baby of the Carlisle family, Dean, is set to be release JuneContinue reading “Sneak Peek & Preorder! MEANT TO BE MORE”

Book Review! A GOOD MAN by: Rosanna Leo

Happy hump day, my readerly darlings! Our book review today is a unique one. You may have seen the title and author, but be confused by this stunning and sexy cover. Don’t fear, friends, the quarantine has not zapped all your brain cells. A Good Man has recently been rereleased with a sparkly new cover!Continue reading “Book Review! A GOOD MAN by: Rosanna Leo”

Book Review! PINKY PROMISES by: Deana Birch

  When her long-distance teaching buddy goes on maternity leave, New York City native Leyla Harraq, temporarily transplants to a sleepy beach town on the West Coast to manage her friend’s Hot Yoga studio. But the yogini’s brash spunk leads to an immediate social gaffe when she insults her new landlord, carpenter Adam Fields, andContinue reading “Book Review! PINKY PROMISES by: Deana Birch”