A Sugar Plum Christmas by: Susan Hatler ~ A holiday romcom book review

It may be after Christmas, but just before the holiday I had one more book to review so I am going to share this a little late. I’ll be honest and admit that my tree is still up and there are still lights twinkling all over my house, so this fits right in. Let meContinue reading “A Sugar Plum Christmas by: Susan Hatler ~ A holiday romcom book review”

A Girl’s Dream Come True ~ Book Review

For my review of Book One in this series: https://ameliafosterauthor.com/2020/10/21/a-girl-gone-crazy-by-becca-baldwin-book-review/ A Girl Gone Crazy was a funny, mostly lighthearted read and it was the fun entertainment I needed. I will admit I was caught off guard with A Girl’s Dream Come True. This is a much heavier, angstier read. Danger, threats, and secrets abound inContinue reading “A Girl’s Dream Come True ~ Book Review”

Book Review! ONCE BLESSED, THRICE CURSED by: Coralie Moss

In this first book of the Sister Witches Urban Fantasy series, Clementine Brodeur must unknot her dead mother’s tangled legacy before the clock runs out… I’m Clementine, youngest of three sisters, and my magic is making me lose sleep.I see memories the dead leave behind.Which becomes painful when those memories belong to my mother. Alderose, Beryl, andContinue reading “Book Review! ONCE BLESSED, THRICE CURSED by: Coralie Moss”

Book Review! GRAVE FORTUNE by: Nancy E. Polin

Gifts are not always welcome… The accident which claimed her husband’s life left Dana Chambers with a unique ability. Gifts are not always beautiful… A long ago promise puts Alex Kelly in the reluctant role of guide and protector. Gifts cannot always been returned… 270 years of life is more than Joseph ever wanted, butContinue reading “Book Review! GRAVE FORTUNE by: Nancy E. Polin”